DrugsInc. visits CBD Farm in Spain: “We want to professionalize the CBD industry”

by Team Inc.


During a search for interesting companies, DrugsInc. visit the CBD Farm of CBD Spain instead of Coin. Owner and expert Peter Vermeul received us. By coincidence, we ended up in a meeting with several major parties from the CBD industry, such as group benefits, Amsterdam Marijunana Seeds en van Goghs. A great meeting of industry professionals.

“We are now investigating with a group of like-minded people and looking at the possibilities of realizing an extraction facility with all the necessary certification and permits,” says Vermeul. “From that position, we can offer parties selected by us a contract, so that growers can grow a fully legal and high-quality product from that moment on.”

Ensuring quality of CBD products

In the explosively grown CBD market, many non-professional growers are active who sell products of poor quality. In Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe in particular, concern has arisen about this proliferation of so-called CBD companies that claim to produce flowers completely legally. In practice, it appears that 80% of these growers cannot adhere to the maximum amount of 0,2% THC in their products and are breaking the law. “Partly because of this, it is the case in Spain that every cannabis plant that is grown must be sold in advance on contract. If not, the cultivation is illegal and not allowed.”

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CBD Spain Medicinal Food SL
CBD Spain Medicinal Food SL is one of the first CBD Plant-identical producers in Europe. Since 2010 they passionately produce a very high quality Plant-Identical Full-Spectrum CBD extract/oil and other industrial hemp products. What started as a family business in southern Spain has slowly grown into a multidisciplinary organization with knowledge from seed to end product.

To stay informed? We keep an eye on new developments around this CBD Farm and will regularly post updates on our platform in the coming period. We are very pleased with the approach and vision of this company, a pearl in the industry that only strives for the best quality.

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