Dutch navy seizes €60 million in the Caribbean

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In two drug seizures in the Caribbean Sea, Zr. Ms. Groningen intercepted almost 2.600 kilos of drugs. More than 2.000 kilos were seized yesterday, last Sunday it was 560 kilos. The narcotics have been destroyed.
The catches were part of a joint operation by the Dutch Navy and the Caribbean Coast Guard.

On Sunday, the navy deployed a fast interceptor to give chase. Warning shots were fired, but the ship did not stop, the military said. Members of the Dutch crew then pointed their guns at the go-fast boat's outboard motors and fired at them until they stopped functioning.

The six people on the go-fast boat were taken into custody. “During the chase, the passengers threw packages drugs overboard. They were later fished out of the water," the army said. A total of 560 kilograms of cocaine was found. Recent estimates by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) show that the value of the cocaine is almost 42 million euros.

2.000 kilos of cannabis

On Tuesday, the Coast Guard managed to detect another fast boat. This time, the alleged smugglers stopped the boat after firing warning shots. The number of people arrested in this incident was not immediately disclosed. A total of 2.000 kilos of cannabis was seized. An estimate used by the Public Prosecution Service in a separate case estimates the street value of this loot at approximately 19 million euros. All arrested suspects have been handed over by the navy to the local authorities and the seized drugs have since been destroyed.

New record

Drug seizures continue unabated in the Caribbean. Since the deployment in May of patrol vessel Zr. MS. Groningen, nine drug seizures have already been made. In 2022, after a six-month effort, a new record was set with 18 interceptions, good for 21.300 kilos of drugs. The vast majority involved cocaine, a total of 17.800 kilos. In addition, it involved 3.500 kilos of marijuana. During these operations, the navy cooperates with a large number of countries.

Source ao: NLtimes.nl (EN)

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