Ecstasy and double life in Season 2 of Sleepers

by Team Inc.


Tonight at the stroke of 00.00 the time has come! The new season of the exciting crime series Sleepers comes online at streaming service Videoland. Let's look back. From an early age, Martin (actor Robert de Hoog) has been active in a criminal organization that produces and trades XTC. At the same time, Martin works as a detective in Utrecht. Will the corrupt Martin be able to maintain his double life?

For those who need to refresh their memory, below is a short recap of season 1.

Sleepers season 2

Robert de Hoog: “The new season of Sleepers will be many times more exciting, intense and gruesome than the first season. We have fantastic actors in new roles. So go and have a look!”

Below is the trailer for the new season.

Source: (NEITHER)

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