An Israeli company combines mushrooms with marijuana to treat diseases

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An Israeli company combines mushrooms with marijuana to treat diseases

Israeli medical cannabis company Cannabotech is investigating how different combinations of cannabinoids, herbs and mushrooms can treat a variety of diseases.

The idea of ​​merging weed and magic mushrooms into one pill once seemed like the invention of a drug dealer. Now this mixture represents the culmination of a growing movement using natural plants and fungi to treat diseases poorly addressed by current pharmaceutical drugs.

The Israeli medical cannabis company Cannabotech is currently investigating how specific blends and combinations of cannabinoids, medicinal herbs and mushrooms can treat a variety of medical conditions. So far, the company has developed five specific blends for the treatment of colon cancer, infertility, fatty liver, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. These products are all currently awaiting clinical trials.

“Each cannabis plant has 30-40 cannabinoids active in the body and contains a total of several hundred cannabinoids,” said Cannabotech co-founder and CEO Elchanan Shaked. Globes. “We believe that the secret to the plant's activity lies in cannabinoids that are contained in small amounts in the plant. If you change the mutual relationships and increase their concentration in the final product, a very high medical effectiveness and unique compounds for the treatment of various diseases can be achieved. “

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CannaboTech is an Israeli company engaged in innovative cancer treatment (source)

Shaked told Globes that his company will "use science" to prove that his company's unique cannabinoid ratios will prove to be more effective than those in naturally grown plants. Other researchers are also currently working on creating their own specific blends of cannabinoids to target specific diseases, but Cannabotech goes one step further by including these mushrooms in the mix.

"Penicillin comes from mushrooms, just like chemotherapy," said director Shaked. “The benefits of mushrooms and mushrooms have been the subject of research for thousands of years. Prof. Solomon Wasser has been researching mushrooms at the University of Haifa for decades. He has huge libraries of mushroom ingredients and the information he has gathered over the years about treatment with them and their interactions with other ingredients. “

Another feature that sets Cannabotech apart from other medical marijuana research firms is the fact that it intends to crowdsource its funding rather than relying on private investment. “We believe in building the business from the bottom up without directing and directing capital market people,” said Shaked.

"I believe in raising capital from the public, but without incidentals."

So far, it seems that Cannabotech wants to stick to non-psychedelic mushrooms for its cannabis blends, but a growing body of research proves that psilocybin can be a comparable effective drug to medical marijuana.

Recent studies have shown that psilocybin can help patients overcome treatment-resistant depression, alcoholism or anxiety, and current studies are looking at how these psychedelic fungi can treat anorexia or even get patients out of comas.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now conducting clinical trials that could lead to the legalization of psilocybin psychotherapy in the coming years.

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emilio October 24, 2020 - 20:43

Nuestra empresa sediada en Uruguay, està desarrollando investigaciones con cannabinoides, y extracto de algunas variedades de hongos medicinales, para enfermedades que van desde el càncer hasta enfermedades autoinmunes, me parece interesante tambien el desarrolloat de productos para elcientes
Dr. Emilio Menes


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