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Epic celebration 4/20 in Times Square because cannabis is now legal

by Team Inc.


Times Square in New York City, known for its iconic New Year's Eve countdown, prepared for the first time yesterday for a new kind of celebration: the first-ever 4/20 "Cannabis is Legal" countdown that took place in all its grandeur yesterday.

This groundbreaking event is a collaboration between European cannabis seed producer Royal Queen Seeds and US cannabis media company Cannabis Now Media, who have come together to celebrate the annual “4/20 Holiday”.

4/20 celebrate cannabis freedom

Shai Ramsahai, CEO of Royal Queen Seeds, expressed his excitement for the event saying, “We have so much to celebrate and there is no better place to countdown than Times Square.” Ramsahai went on to explain that the 4/20 celebration will highlight the freedom growers now have in the United States, both in industrial crops and in their own homes.

Cannabis Now Media CEO Eugenio Garcia also shared his enthusiasm for the historic event, stating that the Times Square celebration is “a historic moment to show that cannabis has expanded worldwide. There's no better place to celebrate than the heartbeat of the world, Time Square.”

Source: benzinga.com (EN)

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