First guidelines for psychedelic therapy in America

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psychedelic therapy

De American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) provides professionals with guidelines for psychedelic supportive therapy. The goal is to provide more structure when it comes to incorporating psychedelics into mental health treatment.

Earlier this summer, the Food and Drug Administration issued the first-ever clinical trial guidelines for researchers studying psychedelic treatments for mental illnesses such as PTSD and depression, among others.

Allowing psychedelic therapy

Oregon and Colorado are so far the only states using it psychedelics supervised decriminalization, though neither endorses it as a mental health treatment. Other states have explored legalization of psychedelic therapy. Patients currently receive treatment with psychedelics only by participating in a clinical trial.

According to the guidelines, providers of psychedelic therapy must have specialized training in psychedelic-assisted therapy and be in good standing with their relevant licensing authority. Providers should also monitor patients for side effects during and after sessions and work with other healthcare providers on a patient's care team. In addition, the administration of these agents requires good faith with the patient and prior screening.

APPA Director Stephen Xenakis: “We have an opportunity to bring these drugs into healthcare in the smartest and best way possible.” The APPA guidelines make it clear that psychedelic-assisted therapy should be given in conjunction with psychotherapy. Scientists are still not sure which is more effective as both treatments are being evaluated together. The guidelines should form a basis on how to use psychedelics and will be based on new research.

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