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France milder for cannabis users

by Ties Inc.

The French parliament voted in favor of a flat-rate fine of 200 euros for the use of illegal drugs. Until now, there was a prison sentence and a hefty fine on the use of drugs, but that sentence was rarely pronounced.

Twenty-eight MPs voted in favor of the draft judicial reform article, fourteen voted against. The aim of the article is mainly to reduce the growing number of cannabis users. Last year there were 5 million in total in France, of which 700.000 daily users, according to official figures.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet stressed that the prosecution retains the ability to prosecute drug use. So drug users still risk a year in prison and a fine of 3.750 euros. So it has now been decided that the approach will be “softer”.

The left-wing opposition in parliament does not agree with the proposal and has problems with the fact that the measure is not linked to health care measures.

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