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Freebase e-juices vape faster with more effect than salt-based juices. Why?

by druginc

Freebase e-juices vape faster with more effect than salt-based juices. Why?

If you're into vaping, you need to know what makes this the best possible experience for you: a good vape and a flavorful and fast-acting e-juice. Yes, the speed at which a vape juice differs based on its composition and type – and the vape speed determines how a vape juice reacts with the body. Even the most popular vape brands categorize their vapes based on these criteria.

If you're hesitating between choosing a freebase e-liquid and a salt-based juice, you need to understand how and why they differ – this is exactly what this article is all about. Let's start by looking at what freebase e-liquids and salt-based juices are and how they differ from each other before looking at why freebase e-liquids evaporate faster than salt-based juices.

What is a freebase e-juice?

A freebase e-liquid contains nicotine in its purest form and a relatively larger amount. Because nicotine on its own would not be effective enough in the body, it is "freebased" with the addition of ammonia - this is what gives it its characteristics as a freebase e-liquid that works quickly and with high effects, even in low doses.

It is the most commonly used type of vape juice because it gives a strong hit and is quite potent in its effects. However, it is only suitable for use if you have been vaping for a while and have a good tolerance.

What is a salt-based vape juice?

According to an article by Ruthless Vapor Nicotine salt based juices are made for people who like to vape, but don't want to go too hard on their throat or body. The nicotine salt derived from tobacco leaves is mixed in a mixture with benzoic acid, which increases the potency of the vapor juice while reducing the blow to the throat.

What's the difference

The two different types of e-liquids or vape juices differ drastically from each other in composition and performance.

  • While a freebase e-liquid has a harsh effect on the throat, a salt-based juice is softer.
  • A freebase e-liquid is made from the purest form of nicotine possible and has a potent effect, while a salt-based juice is only made from nicotine salt but is more potent.
  • A freebase e-liquid is for people who are used to Coat and can tolerate the harsh effects, but a salt-based juice is for those just starting out or not comfortable with how pungent and pure nicotine is.
  • Freebase e-liquids evaporate faster than salt-based juices.
  • While the other differences are very understandable, the science behind the faster vapor speed of a freebase e-liquid is a lot more complicated. Let's see why freebase e-liquids evaporate faster than salt-based juices.

Three reasons behind vaping e-juice faster with freebase compared to salt-based

If you like vaping and are wondering what kind of vape juice to use, the speed of the vape can be an important factor to consider. A big part of deciding is understanding why one type of vape juice burns out faster than another.

If you're confused between freebase e-liquid and salt-based juice, you need to understand why the difference in vape rate exists. Here's the list of the top three reasons to vape freebase faster than salt-based juices:

  • Salt-based juices serve a greater purpose than leisure
    People are more likely to vape if they're doing it for fun, and that's generally what a freebase e-juice is for. Salt-based juices serve to help people fight nicotine addiction. The difference in how much faster a juice evaporates comes from the usage pattern.

    People who vape for leisure and use freebase e-liquid inhale deeper and longer to release a lot of vapor; people who vape to combat nicotine addiction and use a salt-based juice are likely to take smaller hits as this is enough to help them. The longer the air resistance, the faster you blow through the vape juice.
  • Salt-based juices have a lower percentage of vegetable oil compared to freebase e-juices
    The basis of vape juices consists of two ingredients: VG or vegetable glycerine and PG or propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is thinner and a lot more watery than vegetable glycol, which burns through faster. An e-liquid with a thicker consistency will vaporize a lot faster than a vape that is thinner, and the amount of vegetable glycerine in the base of the vape juice determines the consistency.

    According to an article by MadHatterJuice Salt-based juices contain a lower VG percentage than freebase juices, making them thinner and longer lasting. Freebase e-liquids contain less PG, which means they last longer.


Do you look at vape juices and try to understand why they work differently? You need to know the details about its composition and uses why one vape juice burns faster than another; there are several factors at play.

If you've been trying to understand why freebase e-liquids evaporate faster than salt-based juices, know that the reason lies in the base of the liquid and whether it has a high or low percentage of vegetable oil. The purpose of vape juice also affects how long it lasts, but that's subjective. Yes, sometimes it's not as easy as you think. Vaping is a complex science, and this barely scrapes the surface.

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