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Get in the mood for Valentine's Day with CBD

by Ties Inc.

2020-02-14-Get in the mood for Valentine's Day with CBD

Valentine's Day. The sweetest day of the year, but for many people a beautiful moment to celebrate with your partner. And what could be better to end the day with a good game of sex. CBD can play an important role in this. Carrie Solomon, CEO and Co-Founder of Leif Goods: “Valentine's Day often comes with a lot of expectations.”

So celebrate your Valentine with cbd chocolate to spoil your loved one. Would you rather open a good bottle of wine or champagne? Then choose to add some water-soluble CBD drops to your glass. Use a water-soluble variety because otherwise the oil can affect the taste of the drink. Solomon explains that the effectiveness of CBD can get you in the right mood with your loved one. There are plenty of edibles on the market that you can enjoy together.

Give your sex life a boost

After so many years of being together and countless Valentine's Days, it can be a little less fireworks between the sheets. CBD can help to stimulate and activate you and your partner. Because CBD does not contain THC, you will not experience a high, but it can help you relax. Because every person reacts differently to CBD, it is advisable to experiment with it so that you can determine the right dose and not get sleepy in the heat of battle.
For those looking for a non-edible CBD option, Trista Okel, Founder and CEO, Empower BodyCare suggests using CBD topics. “It takes 30 minutes to center and relax for a night out with your love. It's the perfect way to get in the mood. I suggest taking a warm bath in our CBD-infused soaking salts. ” Consider adding a CBD massage oil candle. These candles fill the room with a soothing sensual fragrance. Then, while the candle is burning, use the liquid oil for a sensual massage. When the time comes, CBD lubricant can finish it off completely. Keep in mind that these lubricants contain oil and should therefore not be used with latex condoms.

Hormone enhancing

Keep in mind that although CBD is non-psychoactive, taking CBD increases the body's natural response to sexual arousal and thereby increases hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin. For more tips about combining CBD and sex, view these findings from a cannabis and sex workshop organized by Babeland from Seattle.

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