Google allows ads for cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp

by Team Inc.

google ads

Google Ads will soon allow some cannabidiol and hemp-derived products to advertise in the US. This offers producers perspective to market these products even better.

January 20, 2023, this type of product can be advertised. These are specifically FDA-approved drugs that CBD with a THC content of 0,3 percent or less. For the time being, this will only be possible in California, Colorado and Puerto Rico. Advertisements for supplements, food additives and inhalants remain prohibited.

Advertising with CBD

In the United States, only topical CBD products certified by LegitScript are allowed to be promoted on Google. Certification requires products being advertised to: provide samples of their product to test for compliance with legal THC limits, provide LegtitScript with a third-party certificate of analysis. LegitScript does not certify FDA-approved drugs containing cannabidiol.

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