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Happy New Year! 2020 Cannabis Trends: The rise of THCV and CBN

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Happy New Year! 2020 Cannabis Trends: The rise of THCV and CBN

In the cannabis industry, we all know that 2019 was the “Year of CBD”.

From gas stations to Sephora, it seemed like you could buy a kind of CBD product everywhere.

Actually it makes sense.

Researchers are still studying all the possibilities of cannabis-based drugs, but CBD has shown that it can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, lower high blood pressure, and help treat all kinds of substance abuse.

The word is spreading over every possible benefit, and therefore someone who has never used CBD is willing to pay at the grocery store, to buy a gas station around the corner in a whiff of hemp balm.

In 2018, the American CBD industry was worth about $ 620 million, and this has only increased further last year.

It was already conservatively predicted that sales would reach $ 2 billion, but it would not be surprising if sales last year were $ 3 billion. The CBD market will continue to show explosive growth, with sales likely to rise to $ 23,7 billion in 2023.

However, CBD is not the only powerful cannabis compound there is.

In fact, there are two other lesser known connections that you will be hearing a lot more about in 2020 ...

The rise of THCV

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV for short, appears in small amounts in the marijuana plant.

It can cause a psychoactive effect in high doses such as THC, but, unlike THC, it can work as an appetite suppressant. Some brands now even focus on products with a high THCV content, because customers say it helps with weight loss.

The idea that there is a specific cannabis composition that suppresses a person's appetite instead of increasing it, as cannabis is better known, is amazing.

And that's not all. A 2013 study found that THCV can be used as a medicine or in combination with other medicines to help treat type 2 diabetes. Another study found that THCV could relieve symptoms for people with Parkinson's and even slow disease progression.

There is a lot of promise behind this composition, but there is also much to learn.

In 2018, Cronos Group Inc. (Nasdaq: CRON) signed a $ 122 million deal with Ginkgo Bioworks, a Boston-based biotechnical company.

Through the collaboration, the bioengineering company will create rare cannabinoids in large quantities, one of which is THCV.

Expect to hear much more about THCV in 2020.

CBN as a sleeping aid

Many people who consume CBD do this because it helps them relax while remaining alert when needed.

CBN, on the other hand, turned out to have a really calming effect.

A 2016 survey of consumer reports found that 27% of adults in the United States struggled to fall asleep.

And another study that was published earlier this month, showed that the sale of freely available sleeping aids in Colorado with a whopping 236% has fallen since recreational cannabis became legal - suggesting that consumers actually prefer cannabis as a sleep aid when given the option.

So it would only be logical that CBN could be used as a sleeping aid.

More studies need to be done, but the connection promises still holds much promise.

It could give people the chance to stop taking heavy medication or self-medication to fall asleep.

It has also been established to provide symptom relief for arthritis, seizures, and Crohn's disease.

These are two of the compounds you'll hear most in 2020 (outside of CBD and THC), but of course this is just the beginning - given all the cannabinoids.

With more research, the real powers of the cannabis plant are increasingly being unlocked and we know more about the health benefits of cannabis than ever before.

The cannabis industry as a whole is still in its infancy, which offers you a possible chance to benefit more from it now. Both in terms of investment opportunities and applying to yourself and others to further benefit.

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