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Scientists find THC in more than 60 percent of tested CBD products

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2022-06-30-Scientists find THC in more than 60 percent of tested CBD products

The use of CBD has skyrocketed as people use it to enjoy the soothing and wellness effects of marijuana without the high. In 2020, the global CBD market was $2,7 billion and is expected to rise to $2028 billion by 55. However, what about the uniformity of these products when it comes to the amount of THC?

In a new study, researchers bought 80 different CBDproducts from online stores or stores in Kentucky and were shocked to find that more than 60 percent of them contained non-negligible amounts of THC.
This is worrying and potentially illegal in some states where cannabis has not yet been legalized. People who cannot tolerate THC can become intoxicated from repeated use. Especially because the psychoactive substance tends to accumulate in fat cells. This can become a major problem if the user is driving or performing a complex task that could jeopardize their safety.

High concentrations in test products

The products tested by researchers at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine also contain Epidiolex, the only CBD product approved by the FDA. The product is prescribed to control seizures and its production is tightly regulated, unlike the other CBD products on the market which are classified as supplements and have little oversight.

The researchers found that Epidiolex contains 0,022 milligrams of THC per milliliter, which in this context is an acceptable amount given the manufacturing process. However, all but five of the impure CBD products identified by the researchers contained higher levels of THC than in Epidiolex. Eleven products had THC concentrations greater than 1 milligram per milliliter, and one had 2 milligrams per milliliter, nearly 100 times more than Epidiolex.

“That is worrying because many elderly people take cannabidiol and many other drugs. Chances are they have high levels of THC in their product," said Shanna Babalonis, an assistant professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and author of the new study.

Know what you take

Taking THC, even in small amounts, can potentially cause all sorts of problems. In states like Washington, if a driver is found to have more than 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter in his blood, he will automatically receive a DUI. In many professions, such as those in the military, pilots and athletes, there is often a zero-tolerance policy for THC. Many athletes take cannabidiol because it helps with inflammation and some may help you sleep better. But imagine being banned from the Olympics, where THC is strictly prohibited, regardless of the amount found in the blood, after using a CBD product that you were repeatedly told does not contain THC.

“I think one of the main conclusions of this work is to say that the public should ask themselves if there is THC in their CBD products,” said Babalonis. The main takeaway here is that not all products are created equal and consumers should be aware that some of these oils and edibles may contain THC, in significant amounts. About 30 percent of the products tested by the researchers contain virtually no THC.

It is possible to make a pure product if the production and quality tests are done properly.
Given the risks consumers face, the researchers are calling for stricter regulation of CBD products. “If you buy a drink at the supermarket, you would expect that if it says there is no alcohol in it, there is no alcohol in it,” Babalonis said. This is the same."

Source: zmescience.com (EN)

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