How do you deal with a psychedelic trip?

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The psychedelic renaissance has revived awareness of the potential of hallucinogenic compounds such as LSD, psilocybin, DMT, ketamine and MDMA. While psychedelics have been demonized since the dawn of the war drugs in the XNUMXs, they are today hailed as breakthrough therapies to address the global mental health crisis.

Nu psychedelics becomes increasingly popular again, it is important to know how to consciously use the hallucinogenic substances. Psychedelics are not addictive, but they are still powerful substances and many people understandably often worry about a bad trip.

Avoid risk of bad trip

Still, you can reduce the risks of a negative psychological reaction. Symptoms can include panic, depressed mood, confusion, nausea, paranoia, and palpitations, not to mention ego dissolution and bizarre hallucinations. The best way to avoid a bad trip is to experience psychedelics under the wing of a reputable shaman or therapist, or even an experienced friend you trust, where timely intervention and guidance can break any downward spirals.

This is of course not always possible. In an 'uncontrolled' environment you can increase your chances of a fun and enjoyable trip through good preparation. Creating the right dose, set and setting can make all the difference to your psychedelic experience. The higher the dose, the rawer the connection with reality. The chance of being overwhelmed is high.
Your internal mindset plays an important role. It includes your personality, expectations, fears and wishes. If the thought of taking a hallucinogenic substance makes you anxious or produces another reaction or negative feeling, it's probably not the right time. By preparing yourself mentally and setting clear expectations, you can lay the right foundation for a psychedelic experience.

The environment forms the external environment, which can be the most difficult to plan for due to its variability. But there is really no right or wrong. As a novice user, a quiet, familiar environment is recommended. When you do start to feel bad, it is important not to panic. Remind yourself that this feeling will pass. Stay calm. If possible, talk to someone you can trust to calm you down – having a tripsitter to anchor your reality and keep you safe is ideal when things get tough.

Personal, psychedelic growth

From a shamanic perspective, frightening, seemingly negative and challenging experiences belong to the realm of psychedelic experiences. Wading through the dark recesses of our consciousness is an essential step towards spiritual and emotional growth. This is supported by scientific findings showing that psychedelic users who have experienced challenging trips often characterize these experiences as major turning points, realizations or awakenings. A "bad" trip can trigger deep, meaningful insights that mark a turning point and catalyze growth. Psychedelic users know that there is a thin, uncertain and largely uncontrollable line between a good trip and a terrible trip. So deal with it consciously.

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