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How does vaping help you quit marijuana?

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How does vaping help you quit marijuana?

The wave of legalization in various states and countries is a revolutionary step in the history of marijuana. The discovery of the health benefits of marijuana has played a critical role in influencing current laws. There is an increasing degree of cannabis use and with that it is also important what the options are for stopping marijuana if necessary. Not many years ago, people all over the world feared the use of cannabis, which was categorized under Schedule 1 drugs by the FDA in America.

But in recent years, drastic changes have taken place, not only all kinds of capabilities that the plant embodies, but also consumer attitudes. Today, more people are willing to explore the health benefits of this plant, which many consider to be a panacea. But these experiments do entail costs.

While controlled use can bring benefits, certain risks relate to marijuana use. Addiction is one of the biggest problems among them. Recreational as well as medical marijuana can put you at risk of developing addiction. Is there any solution to this problem?

Well, potent alternatives like vaping can be an effective way to combat the problem and recover from the addiction. So how can vaping help with marijuana quitting? Well, let's find out.

The Risks of Marijuana

As with smoking, marijuana also comes with risks and problems. While there are a number of powerful and safe ways to use marijuana, such as one dab pen for cannabis oil or cannabis flowers, smoking is still one of the most common methods.

While joints may or may not contain nicotine, several other health challenges can arise from cannabis smoke. The chemicals from smoking can promote tumors due to the cancer-causing properties of certain compounds and can also cause irritants in the respiratory tract. Various onderzoeken also indicate that smoking marijuana can cause minute fractures or injuries in the airways. This damage can increase the chances of developing chronic bronchitis.

Beyond these known health threats, the amount of research currently available does not provide enough evidence to understand the long-term risks of cannabis use. Meanwhile, the increasing popularity of marijuana has led to some threat to society - in the form of potential addiction.

Marijuana addiction also remains a gray area among medical users. While many say marijuana is not an addictive substance, there is still a possibility of overuse and abuse. So how can we fight this addiction and get our lives back? Well, turning to trusted vape juices may be the answer.

It can be addictive - a reason to quit marijuana

Studies show that more than 30% of people who use marijuana tend to develop some degree of addiction, also known as the marijuana use disorder. People under the age of 18 are more likely to fall prey to this condition.

Marijuana's interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system is partly responsible for this effect. The endocannabinoid system forms a network of CB receptors throughout the body. They are present in the central and peripheral nervous systems and in the brain. Marijuana contains many powerful cannabinoids, such as CBD, which can provide powerful health benefits. But it also includes THC or tetrahydrocannabinol responsible for the psychoactive effects. These compounds work together with the CB receptors to bring about various chemical changes that affect mood, appetite and energy.

It can be addictive - a reason to quit marijuana
It Can Be Addictive: A Reason To Quit Marijuana (afb.)

Chronic use of marijuana leads to increased levels of these cannabinoids in the body. Traces of the compounds remain in the body, which accumulate over time. The brain begins to adapt to a large amount of these cannabinoids and lose sensitivity to the body's endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. At this point individual cannabis stops using marijuana to feel functional. Overuse individuals develop tolerance to the compounds and therefore need more amount to experience the same feeling, compounding the problem.

Dealing with addiction through vaping:

The emergence of vaping as an alternative to smoking is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. Vaping felt like an easier way for smokers to transition from chain smoking habits to more controlled nicotine use. The approach of using vaping to quit smoking is considered more effective than the “cold turkey” approach of quitting suddenly. Experts suggest that nearly 3-5% of people who start vaping stop smoking within six months. So are these results also possible when dealing with marijuana addiction? Well yes.

It mimics the habit:

Marijuana is not a gateway drug. Unlike opioids that cause cravings by binding to the receptors, dealing with marijuana addiction requires the endocannabinoid system to restore balance. Although the body can slowly excrete the traces of the cannabinoids over time and regain control, people feel compelled to smoke marijuana out of habit. Vaping can be useful for keeping up with this habit.

Vape devices are primarily designed to imitate smoking. They require the user to drag and exhale the vapors, similar to that of a cigarette or joint. Some e-liquids also contain nicotine to provide a good experience. By introducing vaping into your habit, you can reduce the need to smoke marijuana.

Anytime you feel like smoking you can go to your vaporizer and use a well flavored liquid instead. Over time, your body will get rid of cannabinoids and start producing their own cannabinoids that restore balance in the systems. So vaping can help deal effectively with marijuana dependence.

It could help to quit nicotine

One of the most common problems in heavy marijuana users is addiction to nicotine instead of marijuana.

Marijuana users tend to mix tobacco and cigarettes to enhance the experience. Since they use the two substances together, consuming them both can lead to addiction. In this case, you are only addicted to nicotine and only to the idea of ​​smoking marijuana. Vaping can be an easy way to solve this problem.

As indicated, vaping offers a more strategic approach to dealing with nicotine addiction. You can start using vape juices that suit your typical nicotine consumption. Over time, you can slowly reduce the frequency of use or decrease the dosage to stop the habit.

Replicate the effectiveness

Marijuana addiction is also catalyzed by the feeling of relaxation, calmness after smoking marijuana. People often feel elated and liberated from the use of marijuana. Vaping can help replicate these effects through powerful essential oils to get rid of the habit.

Marijuana's terpenes are responsible for many of the effects, as mentioned earlier. Terpenes are also present in essential oils and natural flavors. Vape juices containing these components can help induce similar properties in individuals to help them feel happy and relaxed. Thus, it may reduce the need to seek marijuana by improving mood and coping with stress.


Vaping can help reduce psychological marijuana cravings and help deal with addiction and dependence. You can use a spectrum of bold flavors available in the market to quell the marijuana habit.

Keep in mind that while cannabis can have much more than just psychoactive effects, experimenting without knowing the potential risks cannot be helpful.

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