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FDA Warns Companies Against Illegal Sale of CBD Products for Farm Animal Treatment

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2022-05-30-FDA warns companies against illegal sale of CBD products for farm animal treatment

The US Food and Drug Administration has sent warning letters to four companies that illegally sell unapproved animal medicines containing cannabidiol (CBD) intended for use in food-producing animals.

The companies include Haniel Concepts dba Free State Oils, Hope Botanicals, Plantacea LLC dba Kahm CBD and Kingdom Harvest. While the FDA's current size of CBDuse in food-producing animals, the agency is now taking steps regarding these unapproved and potentially unsafe products to help protect animals and the safety of the food supply.

Medicines with CBD

Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, any product intended to treat disease or otherwise has a therapeutic or medical use, and any product (other than a foodstuff) intended to alter the structure or function of the body of humans or animals to influence a drug. The FDA has never approved any drugs containing CBD except for one prescription drug to treat rare, severe forms of childhood epilepsy.

Therefore, all other CBD products intended to be used as medicine are considered unapproved drugs and are illegal to sell. Some companies say they sell CBD products to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation or injury in livestock. These CBD products, which are used as medicines, have not been evaluated by the FDA to determine whether they are effective for their intended use, what the appropriate dosage might be, how the products might interact with FDA-approved products, and whether they have dangerous side effects.

The FDA is concerned about these CBD products for food-producing animals, not only because CBD could pose a safety risk to the animals themselves, but also because of a lack of data on the safety of human food products (meat, milk and eggs) from the animals that have consumed these CBD products.

Illegal cbd products and supplements

In addition to the CBD products marketed to food-producing animals, a few companies also sell unapproved drugs for humans. Some products were also marketed as dietary supplements, although CBD-containing products do not meet the definition of dietary supplement. These products include oils, creams, extracts, ointments and gummies.

The FDA has asked the companies for responses within 15 business days detailing how they will address these violations and prevent their recurrence. Failure to promptly address violations could result in legal action, including product seizure and/or a court order.

The FDA encourages human and animal health care professionals and consumers to report adverse reactions associated with this or similar products to the agency.

Source: nationalhogfarmer.com (EN)

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