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Interview with Cibdol: supplier of 100% natural, high-quality CBD oil from Europe

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Interview with Cibdol: supplier of 100% natural, high-quality CBD oil from Europe

Netherlands (advertorial) - We recently held an interview with Maikel, e-commerce manager at Cibdol. We asked him several questions to learn more about the company, their vision and view on the developments in the field of cannabis and CBD oil.

When was Cibdol founded and how did you get started?

We started producing CBD within a group of companies 6 years ago. Cibdol was founded in 2017 and since then we have been an independent and self-operating company in food supplements and care products.

What is your main business?

Cibdol markets high-quality products of (top) quality, characterized by the fact that they contain Cannabidiol / Cannabinoid / CBD.

What is Cibdol's vision?

We want to market products with Cannabidiol / Cannabinoid that actually improve the quality of life in humans and animals. What is very important is that we want to market 'safe products' for humans and animals that meet all legal requirements.

How have you grown in recent years / period?

We have grown significantly in the past 2 years. To achieve this growth, we have invested seriously in quality and capacity.

How do you see the current CBD and cannabis market?

The current CBD market suffers from Novel Food advice, whereby each member state can draw up its own rules and regulations regarding CBD. What we notice here is that decision-makers are not yet sufficiently informed or have had insufficient information about this subject. As a result, they still regard CBD as a hazardous substance.

How do you view cannabis as a medicine and health product?

While alcohol and tobacco are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. There are no known reports of CBD related deaths. Legal standardization has slowed down the mainstreaming of CBD as a medical remedy. However, scientific research and anecdotal evidence have shown many potential health benefits in CBD. Often touted for its anxiolytic properties, CBD has no negative psychological side effects. Where this is sometimes the case with psychoactive cannabinoids.

Why does the consumer choose Cibdol?

For the certainty of quality and complete transparency in CBD products.

2019 04 19 cibdol production process
The production process of Cibdol CBD oil

What are Cibdol's future plans?

We want to stay ahead with research and development. We also intend to expand our knowledge for a wider range of products.

About Cibdol

For more information about the Cibdol company and their range of CBD products, visit Cibdol.nl

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