Invest now in South African hemp cultivation

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hemp cultivation

Financial services provider Fedgroup indicates that people can now invest in the emerging CBD market.
Through the Impact Farming platform, people can already invest in a blueberry bush, a beehive, a moringa tree, a macadamia tree, a solar panel and now a hemp plant.

Investing in hemp plants

“Investors can now hennep investing for R1.000 with an expected annual profit of 12%-14% over the three-year investment term. There are currently 9.100 units made available on the platform. The plants are harvested once a year between March and May, and payments to investors are expected in August.”
This investment will help farmers take advantage of the significant economic opportunities offered by this crop, but will also play a vital role in job creation and skills development.

South Africa is poised to take advantage of the international CBD market, not only for local production, but also for export. “The South African government is also active in facilitating industry growth,” said Winchester – General Manager Ventures at Fedgroup.

Last year it was calculated that the global CBD market has a market value of $4,5 billion, by 2028 the market is expected to be worth $20 billion. The hemp strain being grown has very low levels of THC and is capable of producing CBD used in medicinal and health products, Fedgroup said.

Positive impact

Launched four years ago, Impact Farming was founded to connect investors with assets that make a positive impact beyond profits, but also for people and the planet. Each asset undergoes a rigorous and sophisticated process developed by Fedgroup to ensure the assets on the platform are solid and sustainable investment opportunities.

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