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Lockdown increases cannabis use and growing weed at home

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Lockdown increases cannabis use and growing weed at home

The Netherlands - Recent research by the Trimbos Institute shows that there has been an increase in cannabis use in the past year. This can be read on the site of nos.nl. The use of party drugs and alcohol, on the other hand, has declined. Cause? The corona virus and the associated measures.

Cause of an increase in cannabis use

The increase in cannabis use during the corona era is a logical consequence of all the congregation restrictions that the Netherlands has to contend with. The nightlife is on its hole and festivals are being postponed for the time being. But the need among young people to meet and party together will of course not disappear. The result is that, especially young people, meet at home.

Chilling out together on the couch at home as an alternative

Nu The Netherlands is in lockdown and there is a curfew, alternatives will have to be sought in order to meet each other safely. It turns out that most (> 83%) meet at home. Then it is not surprising that cannabis has become a connecting factor. Chilling out together, listening to music and having profound conversations is simply better with a well-rolled joint.

Which weed is the best to smoke?

Because large groups are currently not possible, even at home, young people choose to meet in small groups. Not to start a cool rave party, but to find socializing and relax together. The preference of the 'home sitters' is therefore for a type of cannabis that gives relaxation and ensures a euphoric and cheerful feeling. Enjoy that unmistakable couch-lock together. To achieve this you need the right weed. The Indica variants are then the most suitable. Think: OG Kush or Blue Dream. 

Sativa weed is less popular, because it gives more of an explosive and active high. Unless you want to host a huge dance party at home, Indica is a better choice for a relaxed evening with friends at home.

Growing at home is becoming more and more popular

That growing cannabis is also becoming more popular with this, has noticed Weedseedsexpress, a Dutch shop of cannabis seeds. There has been a clear increase since March 2019 buy cannabis seeds for home use. Both in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. 

Although most orders from Europe go to Weedseedsexpress, there has also been a strong demand for cannabis seeds from the Netherlands. Instead of going by the coffee shop every time, there is an increasing need to grow cannabis yourself.

Growing your own weed at home is quite easy

The reason that more and more home growers are joining is also because growing your own weed is not very complicated. It is therefore mainly the autoflower seeds that are sold a lot. Because growing cannabis with these seeds ensures a guaranteed harvest because they hardly require any attention. Autoflower seeds are forgiving.

Autoflowers are therefore ideal cannabis seeds for beginners without having to compromise on taste or quality. The only downside to these autoflowers is that the yield is slightly less than non-autoflower seeds. But a fast flowering time makes up for it. This way you keep your weed stock up to standard, without too much effort.

Besides the fact that growing your own weed is quite easy, it has even more advantages. Think about money. Cannabis seeds are cheaper than ready-to-use weed and you always have cannabis of your preference.

No experience. But still want to grow weed?

Do you have no growing experience? Or do you suspect that you don't have green fingers? But don't you feel like buying ready-to-eat weed every time? Then on the Weedseedsexpress website you will find a beginner's guide for growing both indoors and outdoors. These manuals are available free of charge.

Top 3 best weed during lockdown

As you may have read at the beginning of this article, you are likely going for cannabis that relaxes you with your friends rather than hyperactive. To help you make your choice, we've put together a Top 3 list of couch-lockdown autoflower seeds.

  1. Gorilla Glue Auto Flower
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Blue Cheese
Cannabis use increases during lockdown. What is the top 3 weed at the moment?
Cannabis use increases during lockdown. What is the top 3 weed at the moment? (afb.)

About Weedseedsexpress

Since 2005, three friends (Roger, Frank and David) have started Weedseedsespress from their passion for weed. They shared knowledge with each other about various types of cannabis seeds and how best to grow these seeds. In the end they decided to use their connections, knowledge and experience in a different way. By sharing it with the world via Weedseedsexpress. On the website you will find almost 100 different types of cannabis seeds of the highest quality that you can order completely discreetly. 


Service is of paramount importance at Weedseedsexpress. This means fast delivery and guaranteed high quality. If you order before 15.00 p.m., the cannabis seeds will be delivered the next day. And if the quality of the cannabis seeds is disappointing, you will receive a new shipment for free. In addition, the helpdesk is always available to answer questions from customers. 

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