Mastercourse brings horticulture sector and Mediethe industry together

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2019-05-16-Mastercourse brings the horticultural sector and the medical cannabis industry together

Jungle Talks comes with a Medicinal Cannabis Mastercourse and builds a bridge between the horticultural world and the cultivation of Mediette. The program takes place from 3 to 14 June at various locations.

Worldwide, the legalization of cannabis is a fact and there is less and less resistance to treatment of patients with medicinal cannabis. The threshold is getting lower and more and more countries are overcoming their fear of the green plant. This is a great development: not only because more and more people are benefiting from medical cannabis, but also because it can go hand in hand with a flourishing horticultural sector. And what are the Dutch good at? That's right, the cultivation and cultivation of vegetables, flowers and other crops in greenhouses, since the weather in our little country sometimes leaves something to be desired.

Cannabis jungle

This Dutch knowledge of the horticultural sector is used in Canada and other countries where the cultivation of medical cannabis is fully legalized. The key question now is: is there only legal scaling up of what has been grown illegally for years? Or a completely new branch has been added to horticulture with new developments and advanced techniques. In any case, one thing is clear. High time to unite both worlds - the global, international medical cannabis producers and Dutch horticulture. That is why the Pro manager Mastercourse is organized.

Participating companies:
A wide range of companies meet to show the latest developments in the garden and cannabis sector, to develop collaborations and to share knowledge. The following companies are interviewed: Havecon, Grodan, Hortilux Schreder, Koppert Biological Systems, Ridder Group, Codema, Meteor Systems, Royal Brinkman, Wageningen University, Klasmann-Deilmann, Yeald, Canna, Keygene, Mprise and Viscon. We also visit and meet Duijvestijn Tomatoes, World Horti Center, GreenTech, Holstein Flowers, Tomato World, Ter Laak Orchids, PATS Drones, Micothon, MJ Biz Daily and more.

Download here the entire program.

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