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GPs will soon prescribe medicinal cannabis in Tasmania

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2021-03-20-General practitioners in Tasmania will soon be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Tasmanians will soon be able to go to their GP for medicinal cannabis. It is said that this option will be available to patients from 1 July. Still, doctors believe it may take longer for cannabis to be accessible.

Doctors say it can take up to 12 months for GPs to prescribe the drug. Pharmacists are concerned about the cost of legally prescribed medicinal cannabis. Tasmania is the only jurisdiction in Australia currently where GPs are not allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

Patients can only legally access the drug through a medical specialist, such as a neurologist. From September 2017 to August 2020, only 16 Tasmanians were legally prescribed cannabis through it Controlled Access Scheme of the state.

Proponents and politicians, including Tasmanian MLC Ivan Dean and the Tasmanian Labor Senators Anne Urquhart and Catryna Bilyk have long called for improvements to the Tasmanian medical cannabis plan.

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