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Medicinal weed is increasingly recognized

by Ties Inc.

2019-10-24-Medicinal weed increasingly recognized

It is a fact that medical cannabis is increasingly recognized by both doctors and patients. Yet there is still too little scientific evidence of the effect of cannabis and which components specifically affect certain diseases. However, as more patients use the plant, confidence grows.

This was also apparent earlier this month when the Supreme Court ruled that home-grown weed is tax deductible. If prescribed by an accredited doctor. The reason was a woman with Crohn's disease who grew cannabis herself. The attending physician was of the opinion that the cannabis that was available at the pharmacy did not have the desired effect in her specific story. In the Netherlands you can grow a maximum of five plants without technical aids or other bells and whistles.

The Supreme Court states that prescription by a doctor is sufficient to deduct the costs. For the time being, cannabis, marijuana or cbd oil obtained at a coffee shop or smart shop is not deductible.

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