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Microdosing LSD and Cannabis: Trends and Future

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Microdosing LSD and cannabis trends and future

Low doses of psychedelics and microdoses of cannabis will be about as common as drinking a cup of coffee in the future. It will be used to positively influence mood and stimulate creativity, according to an Advertising Week panel that focuses on health and wellness.

Faith Popcorn, CEO and Futurist at Brain Reserve, and Julian Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer at Canopy Growth, said the move is being accelerated by both technology and the pandemic.

“We don't have transition time anymore,” Cohen said. “Not so long ago, our days were interrupted by commuting. Now we are working from home in two minutes. At home there are a lot of distractions that make us switch between moods very quickly. We need help with that.”

Microdosing to break the grind

“Cannabinoids and psychedelics can help restore stability and manage moods,” Cohen said. “Small doses can make you feel better,” Popcorn said. “For example, a little LSD for creativity, a little LSD for a big meeting or a dentist appointment.”

To microdosing mainstreaming requires more legalization. Topicals, edibles, gummies and inhalers help destigmatize cannabis. The many ways of use no longer relegate cannabis to smoking a hefty joint on the corner of the street.

Trends and Diet Weed

Popcorn predicted that the future will include doctors with cannabis specializations. Apple-style stores that specialize in strain mixing, drone deliveries of cannabis, cannabis cocktails, and even Starbucks potential. She said there is already diet weed that is said to help with acne, fatty liver, kill oral bacteria and more.

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