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Microdosing with marijuana: 3 benefits and 5 tips

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Microdosing with marijuana: 3 benefits and 5 tips

A growing number of cannabis advocates are pushing for a reduction in consumption through microdosing. With the rising popularity of cannabis consumption in mind, let's take a look at cannabis microdosing: 3 benefits and 5 tips.

What does cannabis microdosing mean?

Microdosing involves taking small amounts of cannabis to reap the benefits of THC without experiencing the psychoactive effects that can interfere with the demands of your daily life.

Advantage # 1: improves the positive effects

Microdosing to marijuana is the ideal approach for first-time users as it significantly reduces the potential for negative side effects. This is because the cannabis product ingested contains only about 2,5 milligrams of THC. By starting with a low dose, you can expect to get used to the effects of cannabis much better.

Advantage # 2: the best for use during the day

Taking a low dose of cannabis will result in a barely perceptible psychoactive high, while still providing relief for certain symptoms. Microdosing can be a particularly good solution for anyone who suffers from anxiety, for example.

It appears that low levels of cannabis can help to reduce anxiety. But keep in mind that there is a thin line between too little and too much, precisely because exaggeration can again have the opposite effect.

Studies indicate that if you are a regular cannabis consumer, they have shown that abstain from medication for the 48 hour improve the effects of microdosing. Of course you should only do this in good consultation with a doctor, especially in the case of necessary medicines.

Benefit # 3: ideal for pain relief

It is well known that cannabis is used to treat a wide variety of symptoms. However, not all medical conditions can be treated with the same dose or type of cannabis. Although the frequency of use and the way of dosing can be completely different.

There is no extensive research on the exact conditions that lend themselves to microdosing, but clinical research has shown that smaller amounts of cannabis increase the therapeutic effects. In a study conducted on cancer patients who were unable to control their pain with traditional pain relievers, nabiximols, a form of THC and CBD, was found to be beneficial. Even patients who received the lowest dose experienced a greater reduction in pain compared to a placebo.

Another medical benefit of microdosing marijuana comes in the form of anti-aging. In a memory loss study in older mice, microdosing of cannabis was found to stimulate memory and improve activities.

In other words, the microdosage of cannabis has made the older mice feel young again. We still have to see how this translates to people, but there is a possibility that a cannabis microdose can keep memory loss at bay.

Tip # 1: Don't expect to feel anything

The main reason why people use microdosing is to prevent them from becoming noticeably high or stoned. The goal is to consume very low doses of cannabis, while still enjoying the benefits.

It is very important to practice microdosing at home before you take it to work for example. There are many cannabis products designed to give a certain high. It is therefore recommended to take the correct dose and ultimately reduce it. Top to bottom.

Tip # 2: Keep the right work-life balance

We all know that cannabis is a very powerful plant and that the effects can vary from person to person. If you are experimenting with microdosing cannabis, it is best to start keeping the habit at home.

Once you have found the perfect dose at home and are sure of the dose, consider using it during the day to increase productivity. Also applies here, keep it calm and always under control.

Tip # 3: Take it easy

It is always recommended to start with a low dose and to familiarize yourself with the different ways of taking it. You can smoke it, vaporize oils, take edibles, or use sublingual (under your tongue) administration.

The smoke and evaporation method can take effect after 5 minutes and makes you feel more in your mind. If you are just starting out with the evaporation method, you can try breathing in up to a quarter lung or half lung capacity.

For microdosing with edibles, it is best to look for products where the CBD outweighs the THC. If you don't experience immediate effects, please wait as edibles (including sublinguals) may take longer to become active and noticeable.

Tip # 4: Think before you share it with others

For some, the effects of microdosing can be noticed immediately by the people around them. Your friends, partner, and family may notice a new you when you have consumed small amounts of cannabis in light doses.

You can choose whether you want to discuss it with them or not. If you choose to talk about it, remember that not all people have the same cannabis institution as you. Others can also think the same and this can be another opportunity to talk to your curious friends about it further.

Tip # 5: Recognize your responsibility

It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or doctor about microdosing. Ensure that you acknowledge your responsibility by checking the degree to which you dose micro, and always ensure that you do not have any important deadlines that can be affected if you decide to take a micro dose.

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Cannabis are very useful from health perspective that is why they are used for medication as well as food ingredients.