Mocro mafia Tatta from today on Videoland

by Team Inc.

Society is suffering large-scale drug trafficking, assassinations, violence and attacks. Top lawyer Inez Weski was recently arrested for possible involvement in passing on information to Taghi. Partly due to current events, the Mocro Maffia series became a mega success. Mocro Maffia: Tatta will be released from today Video country.

Because where is Tatta, one of the protagonists, hiding after his quarrel with Pope and the failed kidnapping of his sister Samira. The Brabant drug lord wants to flee as quickly as possible with his family, but has more enemies than friends. Not only among his own Brabant family, who know how to track him down.

A cornered cat makes strange jumps. There is only one option left: a rip deal on Paus. Ever like a brother to him. Will this series loose as many tongues as past seasons?

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