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More psychoses due to strong cannabis

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2019-03-22-More psychoses due to strong cannabis

There seems to be a link between developing psychosis and regular use of high-THC weed. Researchers report this in the scientific journal The Lancet Psychiatry.

The study examined the data of 901 people who had a first psychosis, compared to the data of 1237 people without psychosis from the same residential area. What turned out to be? Of the people with a psychosis, 30 percent used cannabis daily compared to only 7 percent of the people in the control group.


According to the researchers, it is likely that daily use of cannabis will increase the risk of a pychosis. However, the most relevant outcome: strong cannabis, such as that sold in Amsterdam, would increase the risk of a psychosis fivefold. This is apparent from the first study in which the THC content of the weed was included in the results. The researchers based on this cause-effect relationship even go one step further; 20 percent of the first psychoses can be prevented by not allowing the daily use of cannabis.

Natural disposition

According to Jellinek spokesman Tom Bart, this outcome is interesting, but not a complete surprise, he explains to channel AT5. The addiction expert does indicate that the factor 'biological predisposition' plays a major role in the development of psychosis. Too little account has been taken of this important factor in the study.

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Hanspy March 28, 2019 - 13:29

Yes Yes. Again researchers who try to tell us with all violence how bad weed is.
Have researchers also thought that by banning weed, for example, alcohol consumption in that group would increase considerably with all the associated disadvantages. Or use of other drugs? What do those researchers actually think? That people are machines? And is it really worth it? That 20% of first psychoses are prevented? What kind of nonsense statement? Word first already indicates that more are coming. So first is always coming. If they mean postponed, I can still earn income. But is it worth it? Is it worth it that millions of people are persecuted and discriminated against to let some people start their illness a little later? In my opinion? No. Sorry, but think of something else.

Ties Inc. March 29, 2019 - 10:40

Hi Hanspy, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, there is still far too much negativity about cannabis. While its (medical) effect is an enrichment for many people. However, this specific study is about strong weed and recreational users. People who use cannabis or cannabis oil for medical purposes often need lower doses to have the desired effect. Many patients are not waiting for the high, but simply want the effect of pain relief. A good development if you ask us!