Nicotine bags (snus) banned in the Netherlands

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2021-11-13-Nicotine bags (snus) banned in the Netherlands

Nicotine pouches (snus) with 0,035 or more milligrams of nicotine per pouch may no longer be sold or traded in the Netherlands. The product is harmful to health, according to the NVWA.

The nicotine pouches or nicopods are going off the market because users, including many young people, ingest the harmful and addictive substance nicotine. This harms health, according to research by the RIVM.

Snus banned under Commodities Act

Nicotine bags are not yet part of the Tobacco and smoking productslawbecause they contain no tobacco. These products do fall under the Commodities Act. Research by the RIVM has shown that nicotine bags with 0,035 or more milligrams of nicotine per bag are harmful foods. That is why these products are now prohibited in the Netherlands under the Commodities Act.

The product snus is very popular and can be found in tobacconists, but is also available through many web shops. So it is very easy to get. Users receive the nicotine through the mucous membrane and saliva – by putting the nicotine pouch under their upper lip. It is disturbing how quickly this product is banned and smoking is only getting more and more expensive.

The NVWA calls on importers and sellers of the nicotine pouches to contact them to make agreements about what should be done with the products.

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