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No white beer, but weed beer

by Ties Inc.

2019-01-21-No wheat beer, but weed beer

27 January is the day: the first weed beer tasting in the Netherlands. Tasting room De Schans from Uithoorn has the scoop. The idea came about after a number of tastings with cannabis and wine. Arthur Heine from Sensunique, beer brewer Erik van Dordrecht and owner Jet van Dalfsen joined forces for this unique project. The cannabis beer is brewed with organic outdoor crops from our own garden.

Not stoned

You will not quickly become stumps (stoned and drunk) from the weed beer. The barley liquor contains hardly any THC. Cannabis beer has already been successfully marketed in California. Since the legalization of cannabis in many American States and Canada, the Netherlands is lagging behind globally with these cannabis initiatives. That is why the brewery hopes to inspire people and initiate more initiatives. Come and taste it at De Schans brewery.


You can enter every first and third Saturday of the month Tasting room De Schans in Uithoorn enjoy special combinations in a friendly atmosphere. It is advisable to make a reservation. ”On Sunday 27 January from 16:00 to 22:00 we present a real scoop: Sensunique Wietbier! This very exclusive beer is brewed with fresh organic cannabis from our own garden and contains no THC ”, Sensunique announces on its website.


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