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Olga van Harmelen wants research into cannabis in brain tumors

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2019-10-18-Olga van Harmelen wants research into cannabis in brain tumors

Far too little is known about how cannabis works against tumors. Olga van Harmelen from 's-Gravenzande experienced a positive effect of cannabis oil on her brain tumor. Since the use she has been able to stop other heavy medicines such as tramadol and prednisone and her tumor has not grown anymore.

Naturally very beautiful, but is this a coincidence or does cannabis or cannabis oil actually have a positive effect on reducing tumors and combating metastases? Olga is one of the founders of Embrace Life, a foundation that raises funds to do more medical research into the effect of cannabis on brain tumors.

Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam

Professor Doctor Martin van den Brent, neurologist at Erasmus MC will lead the research. Many cancer patients use cannabis oil and he considers it important to investigate whether and which part of the plant can have an effect on tumors. An important study because very little is known about it so far.

Time and money

The research requires time and especially money. Moreover, there is another tricky aspect, the doctor explains to the WOS. "It is a natural product and it contains perhaps a hundred active ingredients." Naturally, Van Harmelen hopes that the research is positive. Not only for themselves, but also for hundreds of fellow sufferers, who sometimes already have positive experiences with cannabis. Cannabis oil is currently not available to everyone and very expensive. That must change.

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The Embrace Life foundation is now raising funds. “The preliminary research alone requires 124.000 euros”, according to Dr. Van den Bent. That is just the beginning.

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Donate now! You can find more information at www.embracelife.nl.

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