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Study: oral medicinal cannabis safe and effective

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Australian research indicates that orally administered medicinal cannabis generally improves well-being, mental health, pain severity and physical function.

The analysis is based on nearly 4.000 patients in Australia's Emyria Clinical e-Registry (AECeR), which Emyria says is the largest of its kind in the world. The study followed patients who were prescribed oral drugs for up to 24 months medicinal cannabis used.

Medicinal cannabis: mild side effects

Regarding safety, 1.477 patients (37,3 percent) reported experiencing at least one side effect attributed to the treatment. Sedation/drowsiness and dry mouth were the most commonly reported events, with 68,2 percent and 79,9 percent, respectively, of these events rated as "mild." There were a total of 77 'serious' events requiring dose adjustment or discontinuation, but with no lasting consequences. Only two serious side effects were reported: hallucination and mania.

It also turned out that oral medicinal cannabis improves well-being and has a positive impact on sleep and pain in patients with chronic complaints. The full research report is published in the peer-reviewed Public Library of Science One Journal.

Source: hempgazette.com (EN)

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