Our quality CBN: a certainty through GMP

by Team Inc.

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CBN oil Netherlands sets the bar high. We want the best product, with the best ingredients and the best production method. You buy from us because you want quality, we know what we have to do. CBN oil must be safe, reliable and balanced. That is why we work according to a certified production method, according to the standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Good Manufacturing Practice in practice

You come across the abbreviation GMP a lot, but for many people its meaning remains unclear. “Producing well”, what does that actually mean? There is no short answer to that question. In this blog we will focus on our own product, “CBN oil”, which is olive oil with a certain percentage of cannabis extract. So a rich cannabis oil.

For our CBN oil, GMP means that all steps in the production process are clearly described. The ingredients are carefully selected, tested and measured, nothing ends up in the oil that shouldn't be. The production process itself, the extraction (ie: making an extract) always takes place in the same way and this process is described in detail. In this way, the process can be properly controlled by ourselves but also by others.


You often come across abbreviations on our site. CBN, CBD, THC and now GMP. We try to explain all concepts in our blog, we think it is important that those who shop with us know how our product came about and why it is so precious. We have this blog to keep you informed. But also our GMP is actually a form of information. Because we have GMP certificates, you know that we work carefully. We pay attention to every detail. That's what we stand for.

GMP recognition is a precondition for medicines. We emphatically do not present our CBN oil as a medicine, but as a dietary supplement, but it is good for those who use the CBN oil to know that we meet these high standards. It is reassuring: the CBN droplets You can use CBN oil in the Netherlands safely and responsibly.


Although more and more studies are establishing the beneficial effects of cannabinoids and terpenes, it is not yet permitted to make medical claims for cannabis products. Special Gold CBN full spectrum is a dietary supplement and not a medicine. Always consult a doctor in case of complaints.

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