People are hoarding flavored vapes

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People who smoke electronic cigarettes bought flavored vapes in droves before January 1 prohibition came into force, says chairman Emil 't Hart of the Esigbond Trade Association.

“You see that consumers are stocking up on as much as possible in specialty stores. Especially the real vapers who switched from cigarettes were hoarding," says 't Hart. According to him, almost 250.000 people usually buy e-cigarettes and liquids with flavorings through a tobacconist or vaping shop.

Vapes flavor ban

As of January 1, 2024, e-cigarette sellers were not allowed to sell flavored vapors or liquids. Only tobacco-flavored products are allowed. The government has banned flavors to prevent young people from buying fruit-flavored e-cigarettes before switching to regular cigarettes.

Many people think that the measure will be counterproductive. People who smoked regular cigarettes before turning to e-cigarettes might be tempted to return to traditional cigarettes. Young people can turn to the online market.

Last April, the Esigbond started a lawsuit against the Dutch State because of the flavor ban. The trade association does not want a ban. The RIVM agrees that e-cigarettes are unhealthy. Harmful substances such as nicotine are usually contained in the vape. People who inhale the vapor from vapes can damage their airways and have a greater risk of developing cancer, just like cigarette smoke.

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