Petition calls for medical cannabis insurance for Canadians

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2020-09-25-Petition urges medical cannabis insurance for Canadians

The petition, United for Access, was started because of the financial burden the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on many Canadians. Cannalogue believes that all Canadian citizens should have access to medical cannabis.

Petition for medical marijuana

“More than 50 percent of Canadians cannot afford medical cannabis treatment, including CBD, for conditions such as chronic pain,” their website says. “Due to COVID-19 expected cannalogue that these numbers will deteriorate given the economic challenges Canadians face. Cannalogue's doctors believe this will cause a spike in opioid prescription. That can lead to more opioid-related addictions and deaths. When safer medicines such as medical cannabis and CBD are available, all Canadians must have fair and equal access as part of universal health care. ”

"These are challenging times - especially for those who suffer from chronic conditions such as pain or anxiety," says Dr. Mohan Cooray from Cannalogue. “Removing the barriers to access to medical cannabis is the fundamental goal of Cannalogue. This petition will help us ensure that disadvantaged groups, including those below the poverty line, get the medicines they need. ”

"To address this issue, collaboration between industry, government and the non-profit sector is essential and we are pleased to see this petition pushing for change."

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