Podcast with Sirius Smartshops owner Guy Boels

by Team Inc.

Guy Boels is the owner of Sirius Smartshops On- and Offline and Sirius Smart Products Wholesale / Distribution, co-founder and advisor of the VLOS and co-founder and board member of the Cannabinoids Advice Bureau Netherlands (CAN).  

What in this podcast

Many prominent people from the industry speak in the podcasts of Cannabisindustrie.nl. In this edition with Guy Boels it is about: the origin of Sirius Smartshops, meeting Hans van den Hurk, opening shops in Limburg and wholesale, establishment of smart shop union Association National Consultation Smart Products (VLOS), ecstasy ban and its consequences, the mushroom ban, international developments in the field of psychedelics (see also recent legalization of magic mushrooms in Oregon), weed pass (i-criterion), Cannabinoiden Adviesbureau Nederland (CAN) arise, allow CBD sales, arise CBD quality mark and whether the cannabis industry should unite even more.

Source: Cannabisindustry.nl (NEITHER)

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