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Amsterdam police find cannabis in cargo bike and intercept €400.000 in cash

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2022-06-03-Amsterdam police find cannabis and €400.000 in cash in cargo bike

The Amsterdam police have two suspects of drug trafficking and seized a large amount of cannabis and around 400.000 euros in cash. All this was made possible by one of the suspects who ran a red light on his cargo bike.

On May 20, around 11.30 am, the police saw a man on an electric cargo bike riding at high speed through the red light on the Veemkade. The police stopped him, checked his identity and asked if they could look inside the cargo bike, which was covered with tarpaulin. Inside was a bag that smelled strongly of cannabis.

Two arrests

They checked the bag and found a large amount of cannabis and pre-rolled joints. Because it was clear that these drugs were not for personal use, the man was arrested. The suspect is a 46-year-old Amsterdammer.
Police sent plainclothes officers to keep an eye on the suspect's home. Less than ten minutes after they arrived, they saw a man leave the house with several large bags. The officers walked past him and smoked cannabis. They stopped the man, checked the bags and again found a significant amount of cannabis and joints. The police arrested this 47-year-old man from Amsterdam and took him to a police station.

€400.000 cash

After permission from the Public Prosecution Service, the police searched the home of the 46-year-old suspect and found more soft drugs and several thousand euros. While checking the balcony, one of the officers saw a bag on the balcony below them. This bag was most likely thrown down by one of those present in the house. “The bag was bone dry while everything around it was wet from the rain,” police said. It turned out to be €400.000 in it. The two suspects appeared in court on Tuesday and were released. They remain suspects in this case as long as the investigation is ongoing.

Source: nltimes.nl (EN)

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