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5th edition of the groundbreaking European psychedelic conference takes place again in Amsterdam

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2022-05-28-5th edition of the groundbreaking European psychedelic conference takes place again in Amsterdam

The OPEN Foundation, a European non-profit organization dedicated to advancing psychedelic research and responsible integration of psychedelics in science, healthcare and society since 2007, is proud to announce the fifth edition of the industry-leading Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR ). This conference will take place from 22 to 24 September 2022 in Amsterdam.

The use of psychedelics for the treatment of depression, PTSD or, for example, breaking patterns and addiction has grown enormously. There is an increasing amount of research in this area.

Latest findings

ICPR 2022 presents the latest findings in psychedelic research, innovative approaches to psychedelic therapy, developments in policy, research into consciousness, neuroscience and philosophy. Much attention is paid to the insights of participating researchers and scientists, through discussions between experts on themes such as ethics, investments in and the hype surrounding psychedelics.

“Psychedelics are extremely popular right now,” said Joost Breeksema, director of the OPEN Foundation and organizer of ICPR 2022. “Studies are published in renowned journals such as Nature and Science, investors throw millions at psychedelics start-ups and new companies. are popping out of the ground like mushrooms,” explains Breeksema. “It is in their interest to promote psychedelics as a panacea. Psychedelics do not of course solve all problems, but they do show promise in the treatment of serious psychological complaints. Only by remaining open and critical can we ensure that psychedelics are ultimately used safely.”

Learn more about psychedelic uses

ICPR 2022 will be attended by more than a hundred experts from psychiatry, neuroscience, social science and pharmacology. In addition to interesting lectures, there are panel discussions, interactive workshops, symposia, film screenings and much more. ICPR 2022 makes it possible to meet world-renowned specialists including Paul Stamets, Katrin Preller, David Nutt, Amanda Feilding, Roland Griffiths, Kim Kuypers, Rick Doblin, Janis Phelps, David Nichols, Monnica Williams Companies, Peter Gasser, Mendel Kaelen, Erika Dyck, Matthias Liechti, Bernardo Kastrup, and many other speakers.

“We have been focusing on high-quality science since 2007,” says Breeksema. “But we must remember that psychedelic therapy involves vulnerable people undergoing particularly powerful and potentially destabilizing experiences. We also need to keep talking about the challenges and risks. How do we deal with therapeutic missteps? How do we ensure that treatments are safe, accessible and inclusive? The purpose of this conference is to discuss these crucial topics together.”

ICPR 2022 is the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge from the many academics, therapists, researchers, physicians, policy makers, entrepreneurs and individuals active in advancing psychedelic research and psychedelic therapy.

Source: open-foundation.org (EN)

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