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Psychedelics new health trend?

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2019-03-19-Psychedelics new health trend

Taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs, or microdosing. This trend that has come over from Silicon Valley is extremely popular. This is also what the American lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow concluded.

Taking small amounts of psychedelics is a new health trend, she predicts to the New York Times. Psychedelics are drugs that affect the psyche such as: magic mushrooms or LSD. With microdosing, the trip is not the goal, but more focus, inspiration and creativity. It helps people feel calmer and more in control in a society that never stands still.

New connections

In an interview with The New York Times, Paltrow said that the next new health trend will be psychedelics, drugs that can induce hallucinations. “I think psychedelics can affect your health and mental well-being,” she said. "There is undeniably a link between being in such a state and being connected to another universal cosmic thing."

Although it seems very strange that she seems to recommend illegal drugs, there is a scientific basis for this this time. For example, a recent study by the University of California showed that LSD and MDMA stimulate the growth of connections between brain cells, which would help against depression and addiction.

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