Record catch of 4180 kilos of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam

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2022-01-08-Record catch of 4180 kilos of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam

On December 30, the largest shipment of cocaine of 2021 was discovered in the port of Rotterdam. The catch brings the total amount of cocaine intercepted in the port of Rotterdam last year to almost 70.000 kilos, also a record. Until Christmas, 65.000 kilos were intercepted in Rotterdam. The 4.180 kg batch came from Costa Rica.

The shipments seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Major drug gangs calculate these losses. For every party that is intercepted, a number of them also get through. Although more drugs are being intercepted, it is mopping with the tap open. As long as employees are bribed in key positions in the logistics process, large consignments of drugs will come in.

Two arrests in Rotterdam

The police arrested two men from Rotterdam on Tuesday in connection with this recent case. The cocaine had a street value of over 300 million. Police said investigations showed that a large group of employees of a refrigeration company were likely involved. The drugs were contained in containers full of pineapple juice concentrate, destined for a renowned cooling and transhipment company in Rotterdam.

In previous investigations, five employees of the refrigeration company between the ages of 34 and 59 have already been arrested. Police have spoken to the company in question. “The company is not at all to blame. It has been heavily discredited by these employees and has suffered significant damage from this incident," a police spokesperson told the AD.

From cocaine inhalers to cocaine inhalers

A lot was also written about takers in 2021. Often young men who are deployed to get the drugs out of the containers already in the port. These batches of drugs are often placed separately in containers from companies that know nothing about it and then removed. Previously, the cocaine was often well hidden in the cargo of containers and only removed at the final destination.

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