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Seedo concludes agreement to sell its home-grown device in Europe

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Medical cannabis company Seedo with distribution center in Rotterdam concludes agreement to sell its device in Europe

The legalization of marijuana has opened the door for a new and potentially lucrative industry. Many companies are popping up and taking advantage of this yet untapped commercial market.

Agreement with Namaste Technologies

In this regard, the headquarters of cannabis cultivation is located in Haifa (Israel) Seedo entered into an agreement with the Toronto-based online cannabis product market Namaste Technologies for marketing and distribution.

It's worth noting that the company previously secured $ 4 million (€ 3,6 million) funding from the CEO of Israeli PepsiCo owner SodaStream International Ltd. Daniel Birnbaum.

European distribution center near Rotterdam

According to the agreement, Namaste will distribute the device for growing itself on European markets, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. The company also opened 2019 in May a European distribution center near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

For the uninitiated, Seedo provides the hemp and agricultural industry with fully automated and controlled indoor growing solutions for home growing and commercial hemp, herbs and vegetables. The device uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze the condition of the crops and determine their needs.

The device manages various factors, including climate, lighting and nutrient parameters.

Also for new home growers without experience

Moreover, this system, powered by AI, enables everyone from average consumers to large-scale producers to grow without prior experience or vastly available space. In particular, growers can use Seedo's intelligent technology to harvest the next generation of precision agriculture.

Decreases cultivation costs

On the other hand, it reduces cultivation costs by 40% and delivers maximum daylight lighting, built-in carbon filters, automated air conditioning and a smart post-harvest drying system.

The complete set for growing at home is already available from € 2187

If you're interested, you can get the device direct from the company for $ 2.400 (approximately $ 2187) plus $ 350 ($ 319) for shipping. Along with the mini fridge, users also get a full grow kit including a nutrition pack, two CO2 cylinders, a rock wool grow plate, an air filter, a water filter and the app. Available on both Android and iOS, it allows users to monitor water levels and watch the weed grow digitally and in HD.

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