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Singer Selah Sue uses microdosing against depression

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2022-02-08-Singer Selah Sue uses microdosing against depression

Singer Selah Sue has been tapering off her antidepressants for several months, while building up a therapy with psychedelic truffles. 'I experience how beautiful everything is.' In the Belgian newspaper De Standaard she tells her story about her Microdosing voyage of discovery.

A beautiful, candid interview about her struggle with depression. She overcame her depression through microdosing and macrodosing. Sela's new single 'Pills' is about the narcotic effects of anti-depressants. The adverse effects of these heavy drugs.

Sanne has been leading Putseys since she was sixteen. as her real name is, a life as an artist, and that involved thousands of interviews and media appearances. Her life was 'chill', she often said, and that word fitted her image well: Selah Sue was 'cool', outspoken, unbending. She was amazed when she nervously walked around as a debutante on the VRT last Wednesday, knocking over her coffee at Stubru, while she was only promoting her new single 'Pills'. Like she was someone else.

Selajh: 'Last year, at the end of October, I started a therapy with psilocybin-containing truffles,' she says. 'Magic truffles', as they are also called, are fungi that cause a psychedelic effect, such as a more intense experience of the environment. Unlike mushrooms, which have a similar effect, the sale and use of fresh psychedelic truffles are not prohibited in our northern neighbors. Putseys gets them from the Dutch Microdosing Institute.

Her experiences and the interview you read here.

More research into microdosing with psychedelics for medical conditions

In the Netherlands, the use of psilocybin-containing truffles is legal because truffles are not included in the 'Opium Act' – mushrooms are illegal. There is a growing body of research to show how micro and macro doses of psychedelics can help with anxiety, depression and PTSD. A very good development that opens doors for alternative, more natural medicines in combination with therapy. The pharmaceutical industry will not like this development.

Several universities are conducting research, and participated in a recent study by Compass Pathways (a British pharmaceutical company) on 223 patients. It indicated that in some of the patients the depression completely disappeared or was greatly reduced after discontinuation of the antidepressants and after a single treatment (under supervision) with 25 milligrams of psilocybin.

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