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Spherex launches sparkling cannabis water

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2019-05-23-Spherex launches sparkling cannabis water

The Spherex company - known for its vape products - is launching sparkling cannabis water under the name Phyx in Colorado. Owner and founder Niccolo Aieta sees the product as a replacement for a tasty alcoholic snack.

As cannabis legislation loosens, there has been a sharp increase in CBD and cannabis products and beverages. Spherex is participating in this new trend with this new product.

A safe and controllable high

With the cannabis drink, Aieta aims at a target group that wants to try THC or cannabis in a manageable way. With 2,5 milligrams of THC and 2,5 milligrams of CBD per drink, Phyx has a relatively low dose. Aieta told BeverageDaily that the Spherex team initially started with a much more concentrated product. “It was a good product to experience the effects of THC, but was not a product that people reach for in a social setting.”

That is why the company developed a cannabis drink with a lower dose, in which the THC is well masked. That is quite a challenge because often an acidic taste and turbid liquid is created when adding thc. Phyx succeeded in refining the color and odor as much as possible, so that the water remained clear and tasteless.

Drink the new

Those who consume the drink will experience the effect within a few minutes, which diminishes after about an hour. About half the time compared to consuming cannabis as 'edible'. According to Aieta, the high lasts shorter because the THC is absorbed through the tongue and does not have to go through the stomach or small intestine.

Many recently developed cannabis drinks are positioned as an alcohol substitute, packaged as craft beer. Two Roots Brewing Co. launched thc and cbd drinks and High Style Brewing Co. last summer. debuted early this year with 'Coastal Haze' in California. Aieta thinks Phyx will be a hit with grown women looking for a new after-work drink.

The drink is not aimed at the super experienced cannabis user, although it can be consumed in addition to other cannabis products. A 'soft launch' of the product will follow in June, after which the cannabis water will be available in various stores in Colorado in the flavors All-natural, Lime, Grape and Dragonfruit.

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