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Start campaign #normaloverdrugs: Heart cry culminates in national campaign

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Amsterdam, November 15, 2021 – “Drug prohibition is not a drug policy”. With one-liners like this, the campaign asks #normaloverdrugs attention to the current Dutch drug policy. The campaign was started by Merel and Jochem Janssen who want to make the socially charged subject a topic for discussion. Talking about it together is the first step to change.  
Merel Janssen: 'Something that should not exist cannot be discussed.' With this ruling, the initiator immediately gets to the heart of the matter. 'The campaign is an appeal to act normally about drugs. It may sound childish, but “acting normally” is the first step towards change', says Merel.

Jochem Janssen is determined to make this campaign a success. To this end, he believes it is important to first establish together that the current policy is not working and that it is time to take a different path. 'Drugs policy has become tougher and more repressive in recent years.

But what has this approach yielded? There is hardly any information, drug waste is dumped and crime is increasing. There are no easy solutions to the drug problem. A ban is not a policy', says Jochem.
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The initiators deliberately do not provide detailed proposals for an alternative drug policy. However, after acknowledging that current policy is not working, it is inevitable that regulation will also be discussed. More than 1.7 million Dutch people regularly use drugs for relaxation, (self)medication or to improve their performance. This is now done without checking the production, origin, composition or quality of these products.

Jochem: 'If you regard drugs as normal products, you can also set normal rules. Rules on quality, production, distribution and consumption. Such a drug policy can contribute to a safer and healthier society.'

About the campaign

The campaign #normaloverdrugs starts this week. In more than twelve cities, along highways and in the metros of Amsterdam and Rotterdam you will come across various expressions with one-liners about the current drug policy. Together with the online campaign, these expressions should confront society and policymakers with the fact that the current drug policy is counterproductive. The campaign challenges everyone, and policymakers in particular, to reconsider their position and spark debate.

Inform and share

To get the drug policy debate moving, a fact sheet describes drug policy since 1995. It can be found at www.normaloverdrugs.nl, as well as the manifesto, in which the views of #normaloverdrugs are recorded. The same website also contains references to numerous articles, opinion pieces and videos that have been published about drug use.

Anyone who supports the call #normaloverdrugs can share one-liners and information from the website. Merel and Jochem: 'We are giving the first impetus, but an awareness campaign like this one needs many, many people who share the same opinion and convert them into actions. The more people share our appeal, the greater the chance of success.'
2021-11-15-Start campaign #normaloverdrugs: Heart cry culminates in national campaign

About the initiators

The initiators of the #normaloverdrugs campaign are Merel and Jochem Janssen. Merel is co-founder of culture house Tenclub in Amsterdam. Jochem is a multiple entrepreneur. In 2020 he initiated the online platform High Humans, with which he wants to break the taboo on drug use. But above all, Jochem and Merel are parents of five children, for whom they have the express wish that they grow up in a fairer and more human society, in which everything can be discussed openly.

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