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Super Bowl Sunday was not ready for a weed advertisement

by druginc

Super Bowl Sunday was not ready for a weed advertisement

Medical marijuana can be supported by more than 90 percent of Americans, but it seems that at least one major television network thinks prime-time viewers are not ready for a commercial about how cannabis can help save lives.

Last week the news came that acreage holdings, an American cannabis company traded publicly in Canada, wanted to broadcast an advertisement during the Super Bowl. But when they submitted a sketch to CBS, the network rejected them.

“We were rejected based on that storyboard,” Harris Damashek, chief marketing officer for Area, told Rolling Stone. “I don't miss CBS or the NFL, but we advocate a sensible cannabis policy. (CBS declined to comment on this story.)

While it wasn't quite a public service announcement - the ad was funded by a public company whose logo appears at the end - the ad was pretty tame. The commercial, which showed that medical cannabis products can help people with chronic illnesses, tells several stories. From a young man who has experienced dozens of attacks a day, a man who needed opiates for 15 years because of back pain, to a veteran whose leg was amputated and who did not want to rely on opioids for long-term treatment.

The proposed spot - showing on YouTube - was not so much promoting the company's products as Acreage, but rather the acceptance of a larger medical marijuana movement - preventing the company from seeing it as a straightforward ad.

However, there was a flaw in Acreage's strategy: It's still extremely difficult to advertise marijuana - even medical marijuana - in most places in the country. Even in California, where medical cannabis has been legal for more than two decades, it would be difficult to show an ad for medical marijuana during an important prime time event - it's only legal to advertise marijuana over 71,6, 21 percent of the audience is projected over XNUMX.

View the advertisement on Youtube.

Read the full article on Yahoo (source) and CBS News (source)


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