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The 14 best activities to combine with cannabis

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The 14 best activities to combine with cannabis

View the color palette of the world, feel the wind, enjoy the sun ...

Choosing to smoke cannabis can be therapeutic and to alleviate a number of conditions, from insomnia to the side effects of chemotherapy. But it is also an excellent way to achieve a personal balance and increase our overall sense of well-being.

A list of 14 activities that will maximize your cannabis experience:

Listen to music

Get into a comfortable chair, put on some good quality headphones and choose an album that means something to you. Most people agree that it is better to listen to music when you are stoned. The part of our brain that makes connections between ideas is stimulated when we are high and music is full of metaphors and patterns.

To take a nap

Taking a nap is a godsend if you use a lot of medication. You can drift on your couch to a distant land or fall into a blissful abyss of sleep. The right strain of cannabis can help you drift off and catch up on some much-needed rest. If smoking and sleeping are not the right combination for you, you can also try CBD products that you may respond better to.

To take a bath

If you are exhausted or if your muscles ache, a warm bath is always inviting. Once you've set the scene with scented candles and some relaxing tunes, why not light a joint? Obviously, the hand holding your joint needs to stay dry, which requires a little coordination when climbing in the water. But once you are used to this, you achieve a beautiful physical and psychological moment of rest.

Do a workout with weed

The gym can be an exhausting experience: the same old machines, the same old routine. What is the solution? Refresh your workout by creating a buzz before you sweat. Cannabis boosts your metabolism. For runners, it relieves the boredom of placing one foot in front of the other. Besides, the so-called 'runner's high'is very similar to the cannabis experience in that exercise activates the endocannabinoid system in the same way as when smoking cannabis.

For those who opt for exercise machines, which are designed to isolate individual muscle groups, cannabis allows you to better focus on the contraction of those muscles. Many yoga enthusiasts swear by cannabis because it marginalizes linear thinking and focuses awareness on breathing and proper attunement.

Clean your house

No one will say that cannabis makes housework fun. But at least it makes it bearable. Even if you've put it off for weeks, a buzz will return you to an orderly existence. Rather than focusing on the mess and the work it takes to eliminate it, cannabis will be able to bring you a sense of achievement - right down to euphoria! Pay attention to your thought processes. You will find your mind is entertaining itself as you scrub through the bathroom. It happily jumps from topic to topic and wraps around pleasing ideas. You solve problems and find solutions.

Play with your kids

Watch young children play. They talk to their toys and make up stories. They live in a world of imagination. Unfortunately, adults don't normally do that anymore. But if you want to play their games and experience the world as they see it, a few tokes on a joint can be the solution. While most prefer to remain anonymous, many parents say cannabis improves their relationships with their children. It creates joy and foolishness, which generates new ways of playing with your children. It can also give you the same sense of wonder that children naturally have.

Going to the cinema

As soon as the rules for social distancing due to the corona relax, it's time to give your internet connection a little break and swap your online streaming service for an evening watching a movie on the big screen. Take a few hours and settle into a large, dark, comfortable cinema, which is still an excellent venue for entertainment, especially if you managed to take cannabis beforehand. All your senses are muted except sight and sound. And because cannabis appears to promote empathy, our engagement with the on-screen action is reinforced. (Note: Avoid non-stop action movies with plots involving government conspiracies, such as Jason Bourne's movies, as you will likely get lost hopelessly).


Weed can help with what is called writer's block. When you're stoned, take a moment to think and write down what your thoughts, fantasies, and dreams are about. Cannabis also allows you to brainstorm more easily about the direction you want to go with your work or activities.

Working as an artist

When you're high, art is more fun, period. Because of the shift in thinking and perspective that takes place while you are high, the art you produce is usually different from what you would normally create. If you want to have some fun and get out of your typical zone, smoking a smoke before taking your dye out can lead to fantastic results.

To go out for dinner

Probably doesn't need to be explained? Make sure you're hungry and hungry, then grab a few puffs of a joint before heading out for an exquisite dinner. We promise that the meal will still be exquisite. You will be amazed at every aperitif, soup, salad, starter and decadent dessert that you will eat at the table.

Go out, go into nature

So often we take the natural world for granted. But it is waiting for us - the beach, the forest, the mountains, the acres of open land with which we have been blessed. Restoring that connection is essential to adult sanity. Wake up and go outside - and take your time. View the color palette of the world, feel the wind, enjoy the sun. Let your worries and problems take away.

During sex, for extra pleasure

Frankly, we don't really know why someone would have sex without smoking a blow! The evidence is largely anecdotal, but cannabis users report that their physical stamina improves and the duration of the actions themselves increases. Cannabis relieves anxiety, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience whether you are giving or receiving pleasure.

Prayer and meditation

According to Rastafarianism, “The herb is the key to the new understanding of the self, the universe and God. It is the vehicle for cosmic consciousness ”. Cannabis was an integral part of ancient civilizations and religions. As the plant becomes more accepted, the old dogmatic prohibitions that warn that something will stand between you and the Creator fall.

Christians who love cannabis are finding more and more fellowship among like-minded believers. Of course, you don't have to believe in God to reap the benefits of cannabis-enhanced meditation. Proponents insist that cannabis calms the mind and allows for deep silence.

Watch the news (without yelling)

If there was ever a time when we need the relief that cannabis provides, it is now. Over the past three and a half years, we have witnessed a war on immigration, charges against the news media, Russian interference, police brutality against the black community, and now… COVID-19. Time to go ahead and see what happens next, remembering that, say, the elections in a country like America are not far away!

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