The best cities in America for next level cannabis experiences

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Less than ten years ago, Amsterdam was the place to be if you wanted to legally smoke cannabis without medical permission. Today, 11 states have legalized recreational cannabis (and more are sure to come), making it extremely easy to have a cannabis vacation experience in America. It is unfortunate that Trump has currently canceled all flights from Europe due to the corona virus.

Cannabis is good for tourism. It has made certain places that you might not have immediately on your radar have made more interesting. A relaxed cannabis culture has developed in many states around excellent activities, bars, restaurants. This naturally attracts people who want to get to know this new, green world. What are America's best cannabis destinations to visit on your next travel adventure.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, or cannabis Candyland. Los Angeles is already a popular destination, but cannabis legalization has only made this better. Name it Wisdom, conveyor belt sushi bars, and boulevards, LA is the place to soak up cannabis culture. It is full of cannabis facilities, good pharmacies and has many high end companies in the cannabis media such as High Times, Merry Jane and Civilized. Visit it Original Cannabis Cafe order pre-rolled joints from top brands such as Caliva, Stone Road and Henry's Original. Enjoy edibles or vape one of the many cannabis concentrates. There are many different cannabis events and tours throughout the year such as the LA Hemp Tour. Plenty of places to visit as a stoner besides the regular tourist traps.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska may not be a destination high on your wish list if you're not a Bear Grylls type. In Alaska, many people still think about survival and survival in the wilderness. And rightly so. Only you do that not only with pocket knife, flashlight and tent, but nowadays also with a thick joint. Try the premium flowers of Frost Farms, the most acclaimed breeder in the state with six NorthWest Cannabis Classic Trophies, four NWCC Medals and a High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa to his name. In Alaska, cannabis is easier to score than a good burger, and legally available everywhere in countless different forms. Because of the rebellious attitude, Alaskans have long held liberal attitudes to cannabis use. Recrative legalization has increased competition and thus the quality of buds. The non-using public experiences little inconvenience. It is difficult to find smoking areas in hotels, bars and restaurants, but what could be better to light your blunt outside. For example during a long hike or spotting Beluga's Turnagain Arm.

Chicago, Illinois

To say that cannabis products sold like hot cakes after legalization in Chicago is an understatement. The supply and demand are unbelievably high in the 'high city'. Visit Waldos Forever Fest , a free street fair from Do312, and Chicago Alliance or the South Chicago 420 Block Party. Enjoy music and cannabis-infused drinks at the Lagunitas Taproom. Or try GTI's Brown Scout strain with 30% THC.

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