The coronavirus ensures that more weed is smoked.

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The coronavirus ensures that more weed is smoked.

About two fifths of the Dutch who regularly smoke weed now smoke more because of the coronavirus crisis, according to the preliminary results of a study by the Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands. They gave boredom as the main reason for the increase in the amount of daily joints, but stress and other psychological complaints were also often mentioned.

Nearly half of the study participants told the Addiction Institute that they smoke about as much weed as they did before the coronavirus measures were implemented. One-tenth said they smoke less or have stopped smoking weed. Those who smoke more now smoke an average of 4,3 joints per day, compared to an average of 3,6 before the coronavirus crisis.

Trimbos conducts this research to map out how cannabis users respond to the corona virus measures. According to the institute, it is not a representative study, but it nevertheless gives a good indication of the effect of the coronavirus measures on cannabis use.

Sources include NLTimes (EN), Telegraph (NL), trimbos (NL)

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