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The Netherlands is preparing for the weed experiment

by Team Inc.

2020-06-11-The Netherlands-prepares-for-the-weed experiment

The Dutch government will accept applications from potential growers for the cannabis experiment in July. From July 1 to July 28, companies can apply to grow marijuana for delivery to coffee shops in 10 municipalities across the country.

July marks the official start of the preparatory phase of the experiment that obliges all coffee shops in the 10 participating municipalities to sell only state weed. Until now, all coffee shops only sold cannabis that entered the illegal circuit due to the uncontroversial tolerance policy that allows sale but prohibits cultivation.

Selection of cannabis growers

The selection process of a maximum of 10 growers is expected to take six months. When growers start distributing their products to coffee shops will depend on the business plans of the selected applicants.
The application form consists of five parts and a number of attachments, including:

  • General information, including certain residency requirements
  • Information about the growing location
  • A cultivation plan that includes a plan to grow at least 6.500 pounds (14.330 pounds) of flowers per year
  • A business plan
  • A security plan

The Minister of Medical Care and the Minister of Justice and Security have sent a letter to Parliament this week updating the status of the project. The mayors of the participating municipalities have been informed that they are receiving financial support to cover the costs of participating in the experiment.

The cultivation experiment lasts at least four years, with the option of extending it for another year and a half. An independent committee monitors the experiment throughout its duration and assesses it afterwards.

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