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These 3 marijuana shares can sometimes be taken over in 2019

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2018-12-13-These 3 marijuana stocks could be acquired in 2019

A few months ago, Constellation Brands set the scene for a new marijuana hype by investing billions in Canopy Growth. Tobacco giant Altria recently announced that they are acquiring 45% of the shares in Cronos. Marijuana shares are sought after on the stock market. And these 3 shares may also be taken over in 2019.

The market for marijuana is growing strongly. More and more countries are legalizing the soft drug for medical use and some even for recreational use. Marijuana shares are among the best stocks on the stock exchange, despite the recent correction.

Studies have already shown the advance of marijuana has a negative effect on the use of alcohol and tobacco. These companies therefore see the marijuana market as a lucrative additional growth sector. The increasing legalization makes these companies more and more dare to take over marijuana companies.

The big question is whether the marijuana sector can survive as a single sector, or will it be taken over by the big boys from other sectors.

These 3 shares can sometimes get in the spotlight in 2019

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis is listed on both the American and Canadian stock exchanges. Earlier, soft drink giant Coca-Cola already showed an interest in a collaboration or acquisition of Aurora Cannabis. But those conversations have jumped.

Yet the company is one of the top marijuana stocks with more cash than debt. Despite a negative operational cash flow, Aurora may be the next major takeover in marijuana land.


The stock market price of Aphria plummeted in the last few weeks after several research reports from short sellers revealed negative reports about Aphria's activities. The management refutes the allegations and even bought a million of its own shares. If management is proved right, the low stock market price can mean a very interesting level for an acquisition.

KushCo Holdings

KushCo Holdings is a company that has no direct contact with the marijuana plant. It makes products, mainly packaging, for the marijuana sector where it is legal. In this way, the company is benefiting from the growth and consolidation of the marijuana sector, regardless of whether it forms its own market or serves as part of larger companies from other sectors. Many companies will be interested in that.

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