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Top 10 CBD benefits for skin care and wellness

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Top 10 CBD benefits for skin care and wellness

CBD is everywhere you look these days, from large retail companies, relax stores to department stores. The non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant is taking the wellness world by storm and for good reason. While much about the plant is still being researched, many recent studies have linked cannabidiol to being able to effectively treat health conditions such as fibromyalgia, anti-aging issues, menstrual cramps, and even anxiety and depression.

Below, we've compiled a list of ten of the most remarkable ways that CBD can benefit both your skincare and overall wellness routines:

1. CBD can make acne disappear

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can reduce irritation, redness and swelling on the skin's surface. Cannabidiol balances skin oil levels and sebum production to subsequently contain blemishes. In addition, a 2016 study of the cannabis plant revealed that it had various antibacterial and anti-fungal effects that help reduce contaminating infections on the skin.

2. CBD can be used for anti-aging purposes

Because CBD comes from a plant, CBD oil, which is available worldwide, is rich in natural antioxidants. CBD anti-aging creams have been proven to reduce wrinkles, correct dull and ruddy skin tones, and counteract other visible signs of aging. Best of all, CBD anti-aging products have become common in the mainstream market and you can even find them at drugstores and major department stores.

3. CBD can soothe sensitive skin

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it can minimize skin sensitivity problems. The skin-soothing properties of cannabidiol can combat redness and reactivity. People with sensitive skin may want to try a cannabis seed cleanser to combat redness and sensitivity in the skin. Since all skin types can suffer from pollutants and irritants, skin care products made with CBD oil and CBD cream can help keep skin healthy. Learn more about CBD creams.

4. CBD increases hydration in the skin

In addition to its anti-aging and skin-calming properties, CBD can also boost skin moisture. CBD regulates oil production in the skin by working with the sebaceous glands to maintain the oil level in the skin. Those with dry skin should turn to a CBD-based moisturizer. Most of the CBD infused moisturizers on the market are formulated with premium ingredients such as cannabis seed oil, antioxidants and essential plant oils for maximum hydration.

2020 06 03 Top 10 CBD benefits for skin care and wellness 4. CBD increases hydration in the skin
CBD increases hydration in the skin (fig.)

5. CBD can relieve psoriasis

In addition to relieving dry and irritated skin, scientific research suggests that CBD may help treat psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that currently affects nearly 8 million Americans. A study dating back to 2007 was the first to conclude that CBD was one of several cannabinoids that slowed the spread of skin cells involved in psoriatic rash. Another small study conducted in Italy in 2019 came to a similar conclusion, proving that applying topical CBD products improved quality of life for people dealing with psoriasis symptoms.

6. CBD helps with insomnia

Did you know that an estimated 10% of American adults experience insomnia? Many adults rely on sleeping pills to get rid of their insomnia; However, CBD oil can be helpful in relieving that restless feeling. In a retrospective 2019 case study, conducted by the Permanent Journal, found that 66% of participants experienced a better night's sleep after consuming CBD oil for a month. CBD-fortified tea, which has become extremely popular in recent years, is a common option used to combat insomnia.

7. CBD can relieve chronic pain

Those suffering from chronic pain have found relief in CBD oil. Pain relief is arguably one of the best-known benefits of cannabidiol, ranging from the pain associated with fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, and even arthritis pain. In their study as of December 2017, Pain magazine confirmed CBD's ability to relieve even the most stubborn aches and pains, citing its anti-inflammatory healing properties that served as a protector for both the joints and nerves.

8. CBD has heart health benefits

The known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabidiol may reduce risk factors leading to heart disease, such as high blood pressure and stroke. Researchers have found that CBD oil prevents brain damage in stroke victims by promoting brain function and protecting it against brain damage.

These researchers claim that CBD's ability to reduce anxiety and stress played an important role in its ability to make individuals less susceptible to these risk factors. Enjoying a cup of CBD tea before bed or tossing a few drops of CBD oil into a favorite recipe is a great way to keep a person's heart healthy.

9. CBD promotes a healthy weight

Although studies have been conducted that positively link CBD oil to weight loss, taking CBD oil alone will not cause weight loss unless combined with a good workout routine.

However, when one microdoses cannabidiol and adopts an exercise routine and an overall healthy lifestyle, CBD acts as a "healthy vehicle" to aid weight loss. Researchers believe that CBD can alter weight gain through CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

10. CBD reduces anxiety and depression

Mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness. Fortunately, CBD can be a cure for both. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that depression affects 6% of the US adult population and anxiety affects 18% of adults in America. Nevertheless, research has shown that cannabidiol can effectively treat both.

CBD can reduce depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain and cortical signaling of glutamate. The compound can reduce anxiety levels in people suffering from PTSD, OCD, social anxiety disorder (SAD). Some cannabis brands even sell CBD-infused gummies specially formulated to help with anxiety - a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your mind and body at ease.

As you can probably tell from its myriad of proven benefits and accessibility, CBD is more than just a wellness craze - it's a natural health remedy that's here to stay! Do you use CBD from CBDfx in your daily beauty or wellness routine, or are you planning to try it out soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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