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Treat ADHD with cannabis

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2020-01-22-Treating ADHD with cannabis

ADHD stands for 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder'. Someone with ADHD has a difference in brain development and brain activity that can affect attention, the ability to sit still, and self-control. Many children are diagnosed with ADHD. Treatment is almost always accompanied by drugs such as Ritalin, with all its negative side effects. How does cannabis affect people with ADHD?

In America, 10% of children are diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD can affect a child in school, at home and in friendships. You can often take a lot away by offering the child a lot of structure and responding patiently when something does not work right away. Adults can also struggle with ADHD or discover at a later age why certain activities are difficult, why they respond differently to certain situations or are less able to concentrate. Or wonder where that overdose of creative ideas comes from. ADHD also has many positive sides when you learn to deal with it properly.

German study

Cannabis can be beneficial for people who experience too many hindrances in daily life and do not benefit from regular treatments. A German study shows that. Medical cannabis can soothe the symptoms of cannabis. Thirty patients who had little benefit from regular treatment were administered cannabis. Almost all participants in the study experienced better concentration and improved sleep quality. In addition, they suffered less from impulsivity.

22 of the 30 patients decided to stop taking the prescribed drugs and switch to medicinal cannabis. Although scientific data on the effectiveness of cannabis in treating ADHD is scarce, there are many anecdotal reports. The legalization of medical cannabis in more and more places around the world may be groundbreaking in the treatment of ADHD. It can be prescribed in more and more places by recognized doctors.

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