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Two people have received a lifelong ban for the US by bringing CBD oil

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Two people have been banned from the US for life for bringing CBD oil with them

Two Canadians who tried to bring bottles of cannabidiol (CBD) oil to the state of Washington no longer have access to the US, although cannabis and CBD are legal in Washington and the US.

When the American TV station CTV News contacted US Customs and Border Protection to clarify these cases, a CBP spokesperson reiterated that it would remain illegal to import marijuana under US federal law.

When asked about specific marijuana-derived products such as CBD oil, CTV News spokesperson Jason Givens was referred to a website related to hemp seed imports, which read, in part, “Products containing THC, the hallucinogenic compound in marijuana, are illegal.” to import. Products that don't because THC enters the human body are therefore legal products. †

Saunders, the Canadians 'attorney, could not say how much THC, if any, his customers' oils contained or whether the contents were clearly labeled. CBD oils for sale worldwide vary quite a bit from high THC concentrations to little and no THC content.

When CTV News inquired with U.S. Customs about whether a Canadian carrying CBD oil labeled “no THC” would be stopped at the border and given a life-long entry ban, he replied:

“Items labeled 'does not contain THC' sometimes still contain detectable amounts of THC ... each situation is unique and permissibility decisions are made by an immigration officer based on the facts and circumstances known to the officer at the time, including answers to questions asked by CBP officers. “

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